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Retractable cable reel for vacuum cleaner

Main features of automatic extension coil reel:
1: Cable can be flexibly extended and retracted,  well adjust the cable length, practical function and elegant  appearance.
2: Easy installation: Can be installed and configured with other electrical appliances.
Common types of automatic expansion reels:
-One way extension; extension wire plate is generally built in the electrical internal, External with stretchable power plug.
-Principle of unidirectional telescopic reels: External power cord at the input end, generally the plug part (without automatic expansion function); the output power cord can contact with plug board or patch panel, it can also direct plug in equipment. The reel is equipped with self-locking device and has the function of automatic line arrangement. After pulling out the cable 1 time, the self-locking device activates(The cable gets stuck),  If want the cable to retract back, just need to pull out the power cord one more time lightly. After the cable passing the self-locking position, release the power cord and the wire will automatically retract into the shell.
-The cable is flexible, convenient and practical,  It can effectively guarantee the neat appearance of electrical appliances and avoid the chaos of the power cord. It can be stretched as long as you want.

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